A Life Worth Documenting

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Word on the street is that scrapbooking is out. Apparently it's old school, time consuming and expensive. I must have missed that memo because I am still 100% into this {outdated} past time. I love any form of memory-keeping. I feel like it is really important and beneficial to record your everyday moments. I choose to scrapbook because it gives me a chance to document my life while tapping into my creative side.

I have been making mini albums for as long as I can remember. I loved the idea of making an elaborate, decked-out page in a small format. This method made the idea of scrapbooking seem much more manageable. I always make these {tiny} albums for Christmas, Mother's Day and wedding gifts for the wonderful people in my life.

Recently, I have ventured into creating 12x12 layouts. The extra page space gives me an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and techniques. {Of course, occasionally, I get in way over my head with possibilities and get stuck on a layout for hours.} The current compilation I am working on doesn't have a theme like most of my albums. I usually do an album for Christmas, summer vacation and so on. Rather, I have just been creating layouts using pictures from a variety of topics. I have been scrapping photos of my brothers, nature, our house, Wyet and so on. I love this album because when I flip through the pages I am able to review all the things I love.

Here are a couple of samples from the current album I am working on. I just picked the photos that mean the most to me and went from there. This album seems like a never ending project, and I think I'm fine with that.

On This Little Porch

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I don’t think that there is one specific guideline to follow in order to maintain a meaningful and happy relationship. Rather, with the uniqueness of each couple and each relationship, lifestyle choices need to be mutually established in order to make it work. Wyet and I have definitely had {plenty of} time to figure out what we need to do together and for each other in order to keep the love alive.

Over the past week, we have started a nightly ritual which I just can’t get enough of: porch sitting. {Does that make us sound like grandparents?} Our house is super old {I’m talking built in 1905}, so it has a lot of character. Our porch is more picturesque than I ever could have hoped for. The fact that it is a little scuffed up only makes it more perfect in my book. I am a sucker for vintage anything. 
Last weekend while I was watering the plants, I noticed that the porch was quite a bit bigger than I had realized. In fact, it was definitely big enough for some chairs. Naturally, I purchased our “porch-sitting chairs” just days later. I found these incredible chairs at Target, and better yet, they were even on sale! They are really comfortable and naturally lean back so they are perfect for an end-of-day rest.

Every night after dinner, we head out to our designated seats and sit for about an hour. We talk about our day or our plans for the weekend while enjoying some tea or a cocktail. Designating a little bit of uninterrupted couple time has really given us something to look forward to, and it keeps us in check with what’s going on in each others lives. Summer nights can’t possibly get much better than this.

His & Her's

Chairs purchased from Target

Rain Kissed Beauties

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In my book, not many things can top a rainy day. Rain has such a cleansing element about it. From the fresh scent to the water spotted plants, it always seems as though Mother Nature just had a little makeover. I cherish the patter against the windows and the calm feeling that comes along with a few drops of precipitation.

As I got home from work today, I decided I didn't want to do anything productive but rather just enjoy the peaceful vibe that accompanies the rain. After admiring the beauty all around me, I decided it was time to put on some cozy socks, eat a magnificent dinner and snuggle up with Wyet and our fury creatures. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Here are some of the rain-kissed beauties I was able to come home to today:

Purple petunias hanging on the porch

Our herbs finally starting to come in!

Our crazy little Cheech

& little Murphy

The beginning of a culinary masterpiece prepared by Wyet

Bring the Outdoors In

Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring fever hits me pretty hard every year, and this year definitely wasn't the exception. In fact, this year warm weather has been anticipated more than ever because Wyet and I have been dreaming up plans for our yard and garden. We both decided it would be best to plant an array of vegetable plants, herbs, flowers and countless other plants to make our yard feel more welcoming. {There is something spectacular about sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine and being surrounded by natural beauty.}

So why only enjoy Mother Nature outside? If you like something, why not enjoy as much of it as possible? We both agreed that by filling our home with various potted plants and flowers, it would be a great way to personalize our space and express our passion for gardening.

I was reading this blog, and I saw this adorable project. It seemed simple enough so I decided to give it a shot. Pick any size terra cotta clay pot and a fabric that you love {I picked a fabric that had a random pattern so it wouldn't look tacky if the fabric strips didn't line up just perfectly}. Cut the fabric into strips long enough to cover the pot from the base to about two inches inside. Wipe some mod podge on a section of your pot and add the strips of fabric. Add more mod podge on top of the fabric. Repeat until your entire pot is covered. Just for a safe measure, I then covered my entire pot in another coat of mod podge {I used the glossy finish}. After it dried, I transplanted a plant with some new soil into the pot.

The best thing about this project is that I was able to replant an existing plant I already had into the new pot. Wyet gave me this plant for Valentines Day in 2012, and the pot that it was in just wasn't doing it any justice. This cute new fabric pot really brings out the pink and yellow in this plant and adds a little more character. I think my next terra cotta project will be to try out some paint on these cute textured pots. Can't wait!

Materials: Terra cotta clay pot, sponge brush, mod podge and floral print fabric from Joann Fabric & Craft.


Bringing the outdoors in! This potted plant is the perfect accent piece to our little nook.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

One thing I owe completely to my mom is my love for do-it-yourself projects. "If you want something done, do it yourself." She always encouraged creativity and was eager to help with a project {painting has always been her specialty}. Regardless of any other factors, if I wanted to revamp a table, a lamp or an entire room, she was always game. Rearranging furniture and painting walls in our home was a regular occurrence {usually taking place around midnight or whenever the mood struck her}. Sometimes I will start rearranging all of the knick-knacks on our bookcase or paintings on the wall late at night, and Wyet will always ask "Do you really need to do this right now?" My response always is "Uh yeah, why not?" I am Deb's daughter without a shadow of a doubt.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided the end table in our living room was too boring to handle anymore. The table is a great little hand-me-down that just needed a little attention. I decided to leave the legs of the table as is since they were a really pretty cream color and to just paint the top. I am really loving any shade of blue lately so I went with a satin Southern Evening shade from the Behr Collection at Home Depot. This is my favorite paint. I use it for everything, and have never been let down.

This project was super easy and only took about a half hour to complete. The little pop of color really adds to our living room, and I love the color combo with the lamp. A little paint surely goes a long way.

Behr Premium Plus available at Home Depot



Refinished table in use! Adds just enough color to our living room.

A Day to Remember

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It is Memorial Day weekend, and as I was driving home from work yesterday I couldn't count how many trailers and boats I passed on the freeway. This weekend has become notorious as one of the biggest camping weekends of the year. I have always enjoyed Memorial Day weekend because it is a sure sign that summer has arrived.

Last night, while talking with some friends, Wyet made a comment that struck us into a more meaningful conversation. He said, "People need to remember that this isn't just a National BBQ holiday." I think the meaning of this holiday often gets overlooked or forgotten {not intentionally, of course}. On that note, it made me remember how grateful I am for the free life I am able to lead, and how many people sacrificed their own lives to ensure that freedom. For this, I am indebted with gratitude.

Memorial Day has also morphed into a day of remembrance for all the loved ones we have lost. Seven years ago, the world regrettably lost a carefree, spit-fire little lady that lit up everyone's life. Matye had the world at her fingertips, and she lived up each moment to its fullest. With an incredible artistic ability and an unparalleled personality, she was always two steps ahead of the game.

Matye and Wyet are so much more than siblings. They are the best of friends. I love listening to Wyet tell me stories of their childhood. He can never make it through without bursting into laughter. The memories of Matye bring us complete happiness, and she still makes us laugh. Speaking of Matye doesn't {often} bring us to tears but rather lifts us up with her memory. It was a pleasure to know such a lady.

Graduation 2005

Blogging Band Wagon

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's simple. I love following blogs. I love DIY blogs that inspire to me to recreate something in my home. I love fashion blogs {that tell me I am dressing entirely wrong}. I love food blogs because I can share them with Wyet, who in turn, ends up cooking me a gourmet meal. I love personal blogs the absolute most because I'm invited in to the private lives of people I love.

With this in mind, I thought "I should start a blog." I have been saying this to myself for years, but the procrastination was endless. "As soon as I graduate, I will have time for a blog." "As soon as I have my own house, I will have things to blog about." "As soon as I wake up from this nap, I will be ready to start a blog." The list goes on.

I decided today is the day. There are so many aspects of the life we lead over here at the Little's Yellow House that I want to document and remember. With a promising bucket list of summer plans, I should have plenty of moments to share with you lovelies {hopefully}.

I decided to title our blog after a quote which we fully believe in. Welcome to our life.

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