Saturday, April 26, 2014

Every family has their own way of making each holiday their own. Traditions that are carried on from year to year are expected to make their appearance with the arrival of each holiday. During my childhood, I came to expect a squirt-gun {or some type of outside game}, a new outfit and a trip to grandma's house. In Wyet's family, a Cherry Creek weekend getaway and an Easter Egg Hunt always accompanied this spring holiday. Wyet and I experienced completely different childhoods, and neither of us would change any part of that. The memories we made will stay with us for a lifetime.

Over the years, as Wyet and I have turned into a little family of our own, we have made our own traditions. Incorporating a bit of his past with bit of mine, we have made Easter a holiday all of our own, and I look forward to it with each coming year.

Although coloring eggs is a generic tradition that nearly everyone practices, it will always be important to me. Wyet and I have been coloring eggs together with our closest of friends for as long as we have been together. {Even during those few years when Wyet and I weren't a couple, we still got together each Easter to keep the tradition alive.}
Easter 2010
Wyet and Kevin; Easter 2011
Coloring eggs at Wyet's house; Murphy, Easter 2012

Easter 2013
Whit and Wyet; Easter 2014
Alex, Whit and Wyet; Easter 2014

In order to fulfill Wyet's expectations of Easter, we decided we needed to go camping. Rather than surrounding ourselves with the mayhem of camping on Easter weekend, we set up camp in our own backyard. {The best part about this was being able to have the pups with us!}

Wyet setting up for our Easter campout
Our site was even fully equipped with a campfire
Roasting marshmellows with my little pups
Wyet with Rio; "She has always loved camping."
To satisfy my wants for this Easter holiday, the Easter Bunny brought us some new yard games. Badminton anyone?

Easter morning
Wyet opening his gifts
From the Little's to you, Happy Easter!

Showered with Love

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Babies have always been like the great unknown. I have had very little exposure {and even less experience} with life’s little miracles, and due to that, I am somewhat terrified. On the rare occasion that I am in proximity with little ones, I freeze. What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to act?  I often wonder if I will always carry this persona of awkwardness with me when it comes to children, or if perhaps, it will one day just click.

While the thought of having a baby myself is enough to give me an anxiety attack, I am overjoyed that I have a little one about to enter my life {a little less directly}. JC and Alexsis are expecting a baby boy on May 20th, and I am filled with excitement {and curiosity}. I wonder if my awkwardness will fall away and if I will be able to bond with my little nephew. I ponder over what he will look like and which parents' personality he will take after. There are so many unanswered questions that will only be known in time. Until then, I will anxiously await his arrival and hope that he can teach me all I need to know about my great unknown.

Last weekend, we honored the soon-to-be mama with a baby shower which turned out to be a huge success. It was an afternoon filled with great company and great food {and great gifts for the mama and babe}. Most importantly, Alexsis was showered with attention, and we were all able to see how incredibly loved baby Hendryx already is.

The food, the decorations and the company were all wonderful!
Alexsis with her family!
Family and friends worked on tying this adorable baby blanket.
Our family {finally all together}!
Alexsis couldn't have received better gifts!
Shannon decorating a bib!
So excited for my new sister to bring this little guy in to the world. We all love you Alexsis and can't wait for this little miracle to join us.

All Cats Go To Heaven

Friday, April 4, 2014

Though always an animal lover, I have never been a cat person. Perhaps due to severe allergic reaction, I have never had a desire to get close to the feline species {physically or emotionally}. Cats never interested me the way that dogs {and other animals} do. They never seemed to possess any of the characteristics that I have grown to love in a pet. Thus, I have always chose to enjoy the comfortable accompaniment of a pet through my dogs. Until now.

Last summer, as Wyet and I were outside, we noticed a stray cat had come into the yard and was approaching us. As soon as we knelt down and began cooing her to come over, she did so immediately. She was a stray, but she was not afraid of humans which we found a little bizarre. Once the cat was near, we began to understand why the cat didn't act in fear. She was still a kitten, and she was starving. Regardless of my allergies {and primarily the fact that we did not need another pet}, I told Wyet that we had to do something. As he agreed, he mentioned that once we fed this stray, the probability that it would continue to come around was high. I didn't want a cat, but more than that, I wanted to help. That's how we came to have Cat in our life.

Certainly enough, every night just before dark, Cat would come to our back door and patiently wait for me to a bring her out a bowl of food {dog food, to be precise}. I felt like one cup of food a night was a small price to pay for saving her life. Then, as the months passed on and winter took over autumn, I felt terribly that this small cat had nowhere to escape the cold. Luckily for me {and the cat}, Wyet has a soft spot for animals, too. He built her a home before the first snowfall.

That was that. We housed and fed a stray cat named Cat, and I felt like we had done our part to help get feral cats off the street {even if it was just one}. Then, nearly one month ago, as I was standing near our backdoor, I heard the tiniest squeaks to ever sound. I instantly knew, and my thoughts were confirmed when I peaked in the cat house. We had kittens. A dog lover, allergic to cats, had a litter of kittens.

Over the past few weeks, my feelings towards these kittens have fluctuated. I have been excited, terrified, uncertain and miserable. Once the kittens started to move around and crawl, I was more happy than I could believe. I had never seen anything grow and develop since birth, and it was truly miraculous. It was heart touching to watch as my small stray cat turned into a mother and nurtured her little kittens.

Last night, Cat and I both had our hearts broken. I noticed Cat was acting strangely. She seemed so anxious; walking in and out of her house. As I bent down to see what was that matter, one little kitten was sitting right inside meowing adorably. However, as the other two lay nestled in the towel I had given them, I realized why Cat was so distraught. She had lost two of her babies.

I went inside, grabbing the only thing that makes me feel better {Murphy}, and I cried. I cried over the loss of two tiny kittens that were fine just a day ago. I cried over the mama losing her babies, and I cried for the lives of stray animals everywhere. As we buried our two tiny kittens, I realized that I need to do my part in minimizing the number of stray cats that roam. More importantly, I realized that I am a cat person, through and through.

Meet Mama Cat
My heart melts for this tiny little creature.

I finally have realized how big of a problem stray animals are. I will be getting Cat and Kitten spayed/neutered as soon as they both are ready. Click here to see more information on how you can help.
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