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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A brief recap on my {extra}ordinary life as of late:

Missing: My grandpas. I am definitely going make some house calls and visit this week.
Loving: That autumn is practically here. Bring on the boots, sweaters and pumpkin spice everything
Making: A Shutterfly book of my sweetest nephew, Hendryx
Enjoying: That I am finally getting back into my crafty ways. I have been out of the habit for months
Doing: Decorating our house for autumn and Halloween {even though Wyet thinks it's too early}
Reading: Strangely, nothing. But getting ready to start Me Before You by JoJo Moyes
Deciding: On which audio book to sample {I've decided audio books are the perfect way to spice up my daily commute}
Watching: The Dome {A Sci-Fi series on Amazon TV that has us totally hooked}
Drinking: A mimosa {it is Sunday after all}
Itching: To go on our annual mini-getaway to Park City
Dreaming: Of the plans Wyet and I have made for the future

In addition to the few points mentioned above, I realized the best way to document the small details of daily living is through the photo gallery on my phone. Not a day goes by that I don't snap at least one picture of my daily happenings. I figured I better capture them here, as well.

My phone is filled with the sweet face of this baby boy.
Currently loving Wyet's home cooked meals, especially his Vietnamese Pho.
Soaking up the last bits of summer by playing yard games as often as possible.
I have  recently re-potted mostly all of my indoor plants. Here is to having healthy plants all winter long.
Taking any opportunity to doggy-sit that I can get.

Soldier Summit

As I have already made redundantly clear, Wyet and I love spending time outdoors. The combination of massive trees and stunning silence is the best cure for a hectic life. When I start to feel overwhelmed with the busyness of life, a quick trip up into the mountains always has a way of bringing me back down to earth. That is just what we were in need of last weekend. 

Luckily for us, the timing of Labor Day weekend was just right. The stress of daily life was starting to get to both Wyet and myself, and we really needed to go somewhere and just breathe. Without any particular agenda, we headed to the secluded spots of Soldier Summit. The great thing about Soldier Summit is that there is really no easy way to get there; meaning, it is generally untouched by most of the public. So as we made the nearly three hour trek into the mountains, we knew we would definitely find some peace and quiet. 

And so it went, we spent the next 48 hours relishing in the majestic mountains. We hiked, we fished, we sat by the fire, but most importantly, we just were. Spending uninterrupted time with Wyet is something I don't do near enough. Without any distractions, as we spent time together doing the things that we love, I was able to acknowledge how incredibly lucky we both are. To be lost in the mountains with the one person who knows you best truly is the greatest way to clear your head and feed your soul.

Enjoying the sunset on our first night.
The backdrop for our weekend.

Hiking along Willow Creek.

Reaching the end of our hike, we sat down by the creek and relaxed for a while.

When we returned back to camp, the wind really picked up. We moved our chairs inside and spent the next few hours reading, playing cards and laughing together.
Roasting hot dogs for lunch.
Our morning view.
Lumber Jack Wyet
Fishing the Willow Creek
Regardless of how small the fish is, a catch is always exciting.

Until next time Soldier Summit, thanks for the serenity.
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