Eagle Point, On Point

Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's important to have milestones or events to look forward to. It gives me a sense of drive; a reason to keep going when the monotony kicks in. For the past few months, my vision has been set on our winter getaway to Eagle Point. Our romantic escape was intended for rest, relaxation and a bit of adventure. I am pleased to report it was just that - with a side of bumps and bruises.

On Saturday morning, we each got a thermos of coffee ready, loaded the truck, grabbed a bite to eat and then headed down to Eagle Point Resort. As we made the two hour drive, we gulped down our hot coffee and went through our weekend agenda. We were both a bit nervous about the snowboarding aspect of the trip. I was worried because I had only been once before, and Wyet was worried that teaching me was going to be a nightmare. As soon as we reached the resort, we checked in to our condo and headed straight for the slopes.

Surprisingly enough, I wasn't terrible. Granted, I wasn't anywhere near good, but it was a decent attempt for my first run. We made our way back up the mountain, and I was eager to try again. On our second round, I made it down the run, and I only fell three times! {If I went in to detail about how many times I fell on my first run, you would realize how monumental this was.}

I was feeling great about my progress as we boarded the lift. The scenery was beautiful as we slowly made our way up the slopes. Sitting next to Wyet, I was feeling relieved. Relieved from the past few months at work, refreshed to be out of Nephi, impressed with myself for trying something hard. It felt amazing. Then, just as we were getting off the lift, about to begin our next run, I went down. Hard. It was an instant pain that couldn't be expressed in any other way than tears. I cried. I cried good and hard right there on top of mountain with dozens of people around. Even though the fall put a quick end to my adventurous weekend, the release that accompanies a good cry was needed.

I spent the rest of the weekend lounging around the condo, sitting in front of the fire and finally relaxing. When Wyet wasn't snowboarding, he was right by my side. We spent the entire weekend loving life and loving each other, and even though I discovered snowboarding isn't quite my thing, I was reminded more than ever how much Wyet is.


Wyet was definitely in his element

It was amazing to finally be surrounded by snowfall!
Some things never change - like Wyet preparing me a delicious Sunday morning breakfast!
The beautiful view from our balcony.

Whenever on a getaway, we definitely load up on bar food {guilt free}
On the way home, we stopped at an adorable diner in Beaver. It was decorated entirely in pink, the service was phenomenal and the food was incredible.
It's mornings like this, where the coffee never ends and Wyet is sitting across from me, that I remember how incredibly blessed I am.

Love Is

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love is:
  • The way you look at me first thing in the morning
  • The fact that you, a healthy person, made me Eggs Benedict for brunch yesterday - a meal with enough cholesterol to kill
  • The fact that there is a side of me that no one other than you has seen, and there is a side of you that only I know
  • The way we can sit together, for hours on end, doing our own things, not even speaking. 
  • The amount of thought you put in to every gift you give me
  • The way we snuggle up at night and watch documentaries on every imaginable topic. 
  •  The need to count you twice when counting my blessings
  • Our own secret language of love we have created
  • The excitement we feel when planning the bits and pieces of our future
  • The fact that we already have our future children {and pets} named
  •  The way we can stay up all night talking about our memories from the past decade
  • The uncontrollable laughter that results in tears when we reminisce 
  • Waking up on Saturday mornings to the crackle of bacon and the rumble of the coffee pot already brewing
  • The simple things - when you buy me new headlights or make sure that I have packed my lunch before bed
  • Talking about our days at work over the home cooked dinner you prepared
  • Above all else, the way I trust you and know we are a team and are in this together
It isn't everyday that I publicly release a cheesy love letter to Wyet. Regardless, over the past few months the love that I have for this guy seems to be exploding out of my chest. I am not certain of the moment we shifted from romantic obsession to life long devotion. All I know is, I am glad it happened, and I'm glad it was you. I love you, toot. Thanks for making this life worth living.

Valentine's Day 2015 - Wyet gave me beautiful flowers and the one thing I have been wanting for months, an Instax camera.

Wyet trying his hands at Eggs Benni - my absolute favorite breakfast.

We then spent the afternoon taking the pups on a walk.

This little family is the highlight of my life.
The sunset this Valentine's was absolutely beautiful!
Wyet ended the evening by preparing me an amazing dinner!

So maybe we spend all of our holidays hoarded up in our own home. We prepare our own meals and snuggle with our furry babies. The truth is, I can't imagine a better way to spend our days. This is the life we were meant for.

Details: Volume 3 & January Recap

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I could hardly believe it when 2014 came to a close. The year, although filled with memorable moments, felt like it jetted by without notice. Needless to say I was in even more awe to wake up last week and find that the first month of the new year was already behind me. As each day is consumed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I realize I have not been making time to focus on aspects of the bigger picture.

While daily life is where our most cherished moments stem from, there are great plans I have intended for the coming months, and I need to set aside time to make them come alive. Despite how busy my daily schedule becomes, I need to remember there are other things that deserve my attention. By making time to focus some of my energy towards the future, I know great things are to come.

Here is a quick recap on my life as of late:

Watching: The Peaky Blinders series on Netflix and obsessing over it
Reading: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - Wyet bought me this book for Christmas, and I am loving it. I always appreciate when someone gifts me a book because it encourages me to read something out of my comfort zone; something I would not have bought on my own.
Making: Major changes at work. My entire department has restructured creating a lot of {positive} change.
Grateful: That our plumbing is fixed! Every winter it goes on the fritz and is such a pain. 
Feeling: Ready for the next big step
Buying: Every single book that catches my eye at Barnes & Noble. I bought six books in a seven day span!
Drinking: A peach ale 
Snuggling: Murphy, as always

We started our new year off right by sleeping in and then having a brunch date.
Only days after the new year began, I was off to the annual Craft and Hobby show in California.
There were so many inspiring ideas at this years show!
While the show is always fun, I was definitely starting to miss my little family!

Later in the month, we went and saw the Ice Castles in Midway. They were absolutely stunning {and freezing}!
One of my goals this year is to make more time for the people that really matter.

His first Zupas experience, and he seems to be on board!
This is the best way to end any night.

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