Holiday Madness

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The holidays are magical times packed full of family traditions {new and old}, good food and gatherings, twinkling lights and of course, a bit of chaos. At the start of each November, I have such high hopes for the coming months. I plan on doing every Christmas craft on my Pinterest board, giving the best gifts, throwing the best parties and spending time with everyone I love. By the end of the season, all I really want is a stiff drink and some quiet time. The intensity of the holiday season and the desire to make each year the perfect Christmas can be overwhelming, but when you just let go and enjoy, it truly can be the most wonderful time of the year.

We started the season early by attending a Christmas concert by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Even though we were both sick, we still had a great time.
I can't believe I had never done this before - puppy paw ornaments!
Miraculously, it was a Pinterest win.
Enjoying a girl's day out.
For our Christmas card this year, we had a mini photo shoot in the backyard with all of the animals.

I wanted a real tree for Christmas, and we found the perfect one! {Even if it was 8 inches too tall.}
Each year I bake and decorate dozens of cookies. They were delicious!
Patye and Wyet decorating cookies at one of our three family parties!
The Fillmore Family
Grandpa and I
Opening our Christmas Eve jammies!
The pups each got a new sweater!

Unfortunately, Cheech hated his sweater and spent the remainder of the night trying to hide from us.

Board gaming!
Still mad on Christmas morning, but he did get a new blankie that he loves.

Wyet and I have accepted our homebody traits, and we have began buying things we can enjoy together at home.

Wyet and his dad.
After opening presents and hanging out at home, we faced the storm and made our way to Starbucks to visit my mom!
Later on Christmas evening, we had a very quiet night at our house opening a few gifts and watching movies.
Grandma Pat and the babies

The morning after Christmas was so fun! Wyet and I took our snow loving dog out into the yard for some adventures.
Wyet throwing snowballs and Murph chasing after them.

 Home is where the heart is.
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