Established: Part 2

Sunday, August 23, 2015

 For years, people have been asking us "When are you going to get married," and for a long time, we didn't have an answer. There wasn't necessarily anything holding us back. We have long been committed to each other, and we knew our relationship was for keeps. We were just waiting - for something.

By the time we had finally decided we were going to get married, I realized what it was we had been waiting for all along. We were waiting for it to be about us. It makes sense, after all, that is what a marriage is all about. The bride and the groom, the husband and wife. Often times, weddings seem to focus on everyone else and not what is truly important - the life long commitment that the day represents.

Perhaps Wyet and I didn't take the ordinary route to make it official, but then again, what is so great about being ordinary? Why not make it unique and exceptional? When we had finally came to this realization, that we didn't have to do this whole wedding bit the "normal" way, we were relieved, and wedding planning finally seemed fun {and not dreaded}.

When our wedding day finally approached, it was remarkable. It was emotional and stunning, and I truly have never felt more alive and in love than I did in that moment. Our wedding day wasn't the first day of the rest of our lives. It was a step; a continuation of the loyalty we had promised to each other years ago, and it was perfect.

The Details:
Location: Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort - Montego Bay, Jamaica
Date: Saturday, July 18, 2015
Time: 11:00 a.m. EST
Weather: Overcast & Warm
Flowers: Orchids
Colors: White & Pink
Walked Down the Aisle to: Kenny G's The Wedding Song
Signed Marriage License to: Bob Marley's Could You be Loved
Wedding Song: This Magic Moment
Cake: Caribbean Rum
Drink: Champagne
Overall Mood: Blissful

Here is to the rest of forever!

Established: Part 1

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Before ever becoming engaged, Wyet and I both knew exactly how we wanted to do this whole wedding bit. We wanted it to be very intimate and anything but ordinary. In fact, we had all of our plans finalized before making it official {over-preparedness is a trait we both carry strong}. Because we knew our relationship was anything but normal, we wanted our wedding to parallel that.

As we had planned a destination wedding, we knew we would have to do a few other things out of order {not uncommon for us}. Our plan was to send wedding announcements rather than invitations as by the time our loved ones received them, we would already be wed. I wanted our pictures to be taken in our wedding attire, and so I knew Wyet would see me in my dress before the big day. At first, I was a little skeptical about this {as supposedly it's bad luck} and then I decided to disregard the superstition. A beautiful white gown was harmless.

We arranged to have our photos taken just before memorial day. It had been pouring rain the weeks prior, but the clouds seemed to part that day just for us. Wyet and I drove to our session separately so we could have a "first look" reveal photo. Seeing Wyet in his suit that day & with me in my dress, everything seemed to have finally fallen in place. Maybe we weren't quite husband and wife that day, but it certainly felt like it, and truth be told, we fit the part perfectly.

Before Wyet had seen me in my dress.
The first look!
I love this sign my mom gave me! It was the perfect way to acknowledge our approaching wedding date.

My good looking groom!

Easily, my favorite picture.
I love photos of hands! You can tell so much about a person by their hands. Wyet's hands are clearly working hands and the tattoos fit him perfectly. The wedding band is the perfect finishing touch.

Something blue.

I love this picture caught mid-laugh!

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