Take Me Back

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scrapbooking can be a daunting pastime. Not only is it time consuming and expensive, but the expectation of documenting every moment is overwhelming. As I look at the stack of photos I have printed {and think of the hundreds more that are still waiting in their digital format} I wonder how I will ever get caught up. It can be discouraging to think of all the time required to preserve one page of memories when I am hardly skimming the surface of my photo collection.

However, all of my feelings of discouragement fell away when Wyet found a few of the old scrapbooks I had made him from years past. Looking through photos of our younger selves has been one of the most remarkable trips down memory lane. As we have looked through these old scrapbooks, I feel so thankful that my 14 year old self had the desire to document those moments. Were it not for these albums, certain memories from the past would be all but forgotten.

Summer 2005
The first time I went with Wyet to the Heber Derby {9 years later and we still go every year}
Summer 2005
Boondocks 2005
We always spent our weekend mornings at One Man Band - Matye and Wyet - Summer 2004
Summer 2004 - This is one of my favorite pictures! My little brothers are still so little and our pup Ollie was happy as ever
Our first summer of love. We are so young and so consumed with each other, and although we still don't take kissing pictures together I am happy to say we are still just as in love now as we were then - Summer 2004

Lovely Old Souls

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have always felt as though my soul was older than my surroundings; like I was born in the wrong decade. I listen to my favorite music on vinyl, I read all of my books in hard copy and I write all of my letters by hand. I'm an old lady {trapped in a twenty-something body}. I have an old soul, and I wouldn't trade that for the most trendy lifestyle of today. However, having an old soul has its trials; primarily that nobody quite gets you. Most people do not understand why I don't like to go out, party, be young and careless. The truth is, I don't feel young {and I am certainly not careless} so the yolo lifestyle has very little appeal. I like my routine, my tenderheartedness and especially my early bedtime. I am not saying that my old soul persona is terribly unique, in fact, I have many friends that are just as old as I am. The great feature to my old soul is that I found a counterpart, just as old and loving as my own. {In this day and age, that is something to be proud of.}

As everyone searches for that one person with which they will share their lives, we all look for someone who is both similar to us yet different enough to fill in the gaps that we leave blank. For those who are fortunate enough, we find just such a person. For someone like myself {old, simple and a complete hermit} it is miraculous that I was able to find someone {even remotely} similar to myself; luckily, he is a bit more spontaneous around the edges to even me out. Wyet is my person. He is the one that has helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin. He acts as though my lifestyle is normal, even though I would rather spend my Friday nights curled up in bed with a great novel and a cup of tea, as opposed to out dancing with a cosmo in hand. He has showed interest in my quiet, homely side when others looked at me as though I was purposely missing out on "the best time of my life".

Wyet shares similar old soul qualities with me which make our relationship flow as smoothly as it does. Yet, at the same time, we are different enough that he keeps me from slipping in to a total state of recluse. This year, as we celebrated our ninth Valentine's Day together, I feel overwhelmed with  happiness to have found a love as true and as accepting as this. Things have never been perfect, and they never will be. We will never see eye-to-eye on some topics, and we will probably never admit that the other is right. However, he loves me for who I am {old lady and all}, and I love him right back. While our story will never be fairytale perfect, I do take some pride in saying, "I always knew it was you".

As always, we made homemade sugar cookies on Saint Valentines Day.
The next morning, Murphy {and a couple of mimosas} helped me decorate them!
I made this mini chalkboard/scrap page to remember just a few of the things I love about us.
If your man buys you both a new pair of slippers for your vday gift, I think it really shows how well he knows you and appreciates your oldness :]

Crafts of Love

Saturday, February 8, 2014

At times, I feel as though life gets in the way of actually, well, living. Between work, laundry, dishes, commuting and all of those other everyday nuisances there is hardly any time left for the finer things in life. Unfortunately, the world is stuck in its ways and so it goes; doing all of the things we don't want to do far more often than doing the things we do. {Such is life.}

However, when time is on my side, I love to make the most of it. This past weekend, I was able to do one of my favorite past times with one of my favorite ladies; a craft day with my mama. Despite living only a few blocks away from her, we don't spend nearly as much time together as I would like. Regardless, when we do come across a vacancy of time in our busy lives, we take it for all it's worth.

When we decided on having a mama/daughter craft day, I immediately knew I wanted to make some Valentine's Day decor. I have never decorated for this holiday before, so I am starting completely from scratch. My mom on the other hand, who has a plethora of decor for any holiday, chose an alternate route. She decided to work on an everyday project which she could display year round.

While I am thrilled with the results of our crafts, it wasn't so much about the crafts at all. The best part of the day was simply being with my mom. We chatted and laughed, and of course, enjoyed some french fries and sodas {one of the greatest aspects of girl time are the indulgences}. I am so lucky to have a mom that understands me like a best friend, respects me as a person and cares for me like all wonderful parents do. The relationship we share is priceless, and I still hope to be just like her {when I grow up}.

I bought these cute wooden letters and shapes at Remember Your Memories
I fell in love with this cute Valentine's Day paper from American Crafts.
My very first Valentine's Day decoration!
Deb getting crafty!
I love the way her owl turned out! Clearly, this cute little guy needed a name so she decided on Ted!
What better what to spend a Saturday than crafting and hanging with this mama.

A Man That Cooks

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I will be the first to admit, that I completely scored when I landed Wyet. Aesthetically speaking, he is an absolute ten {in my opinion}, and although his good looks were the first thing to catch my glance so many years ago, I quickly learned there was so much more to him than that. He is artistic, motivated and an inspiring person to be around. However, he has one more attribute that really puts him a step above the rest; the man loves to cook.

Out of everything Wyet does for me, his cooking is what I appreciate the most. After living on my own for nearly six years, I became quite accustomed to having cold cereal {or sometimes nothing at all} for dinner. Then, when I moved in with Wyet, that all changed. He makes a homemade meal practically every single night. {Seriously, who does that?}

While my waist size doesn't so much appreciate what Wyet has done {I gained the freshman 15 a little later than most} I certainly do. Cooking is way that Wyet expresses himself, and I can't help but think it is a way he expresses his love for me. He isn't one to say "I love you" as soon as I walk in the room, but he does have a homemade meal waiting for me every night when I get home. I like to think that's his way of showing his love, and for that, I am completely grateful.

Wyet cooking something homemade and delicious {and looking quite adorable in his apron}

Sunday Mornings

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday mornings are by far my most favorite morning of the entire week. Unrushed and without any agenda, I love everything about this calm portion of our day. We sleep in {for as long as possible} and are generally woken by the fury monsters hiding under the sheets. We spend the first conscious  moments of the morning snuggling with the puppies and talking with each other about last night's events.

Once the pups jump off the bed and we are forced to get up, we follow a simple routine. First, I make the coffee and Wyet searches for a cooking show from the few select channels we do pick up. Once the coffee has finished its final rumble indicating the brew is ready, we both indulge in a few {too many} cups while Wyet cooks breakfast.

Since it is Sunday, and we rarely have plans, we will generally spend the next few hours doing absolutely nothing in particular. Wyet will watch a show or two while I catch up on a few of my favorite blogs {all the while snuggling comfortably in our robes and slippers}.

And so the day goes, as we spend quiet moments together, completely happy in this ordinary routine we have chosen. It is from these lazy mornings together that I have learned how truly compatible Wyet and I are. To spend hours on end, doing nothing at all, and to feel at complete peace together is not something you can do with just anybody. Of all the people in the world, I am beyond grateful that I have Wyet {and our fury little babies} to spend my lazy Sunday mornings with. These quiet mornings together make my heart light and full of happiness.

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