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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Documenting life is of the utmost importance. Which is why The Reset Girl: February List Edition has come in such handy this month. Prompts to help me remember and document the everyday moments make recording memories that much easier. Listed below are the most current details of our life as of late:
  1. What I am working on: My wedding album
  2. Favorite Memory: Earlier this month, Patye and Todd took us to dinner at The Pie and to see Timber. It was one of the most unique productions I have ever seen.
  3. Things that bring me joy: Weekends where I have no plans. I love staying at home and working on projects, reading and the occasional nap.
  4. Ways I treat myself: Champagne and treats - as often as possible.
  5. Favorite Flowers: I love all flowers, but lately I have been obsessed with tulips.
  6. Positive things I say to myself: You're fine.
  7. What makes me feel powerful: Saying no! {and not making excuses about why}
  8. My love language: I had to take this quiz to find out, but Quality Time won hands down.
  9. What makes me unique: I like to think of myself as someone people can be real with. Let's skip the bullshit, please.
  10. Ways I pamper myself: Getting my hair done
  11. Favorite quotes about love: When Johnny Cash described his perfect moment with June Carter as something as simple as having coffee with his love. Honestly, my happiest moments with Wyet are our quiet weekend mornings over brunch.
  12. If I described myself on a conversation heart it would say: Dat ass :]
  13. Things that excite me: Future events - I love having something to look forward to
  14. Favorite Valentine Candy: Cinnamon Lips 
  15. Currently reading, watching, listening to: Reading The Book of Speculation, watching New Girl, listening to Radio from Hell on my daily commute.
  16. Things I am most proud of: Finding myself {it took a minute}
  17. The nicest gift I ever gave myself: My tattoos 
  18. Things I love about myself: My open mind
  19. Favorite things to do with friends: Chat!
  20. Most beautiful things I have ever seen: Florence, Italy
  21. Favorite ways to recharge: Getting lost in a good book, spending a Saturday out with my Mom {which also translates to spending 2 hours at Barnes & Noble}
  22. Things only I can do: Understand the ever changing moods of Wyet
  23. What makes me feel beautiful: Having my nails painted
  24. People who encourage me: Lots thankfully - Mom, Morg, Ash, Sharon, Clarissa & countless others
  25. Best choices I have ever made: Finishing college and marrying Wyet
  26. What makes me feel fulfilled: Being involved with those who mean the most to me. I genuinely want to know what is going on in your life.
  27. Why I am amazing: I challenge myself and can succeed {last month, I accomplished a 30 day alcohol cleanse during my most stressful month of work - no easy task}
  28. When I really want to indulge: I get a massage
  29. Things I hope to accomplish this February: Asking for a raise {wish me luck}
Happy February, friends!
Me and my favorite little human!
& my favorite big human!
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