Holiday Cheer

Sunday, December 20, 2015

This holiday season has definitely seemed a bit different than the past few. While I am generally in favor of attending every holiday function and volunteering myself for the most demanding of tasks, this year has been just the opposite. I have felt overwhelmed at the thought of "doing it all", and as a result, I feel like I have cut myself loose from some holiday obligations.

Last year, I went above and beyond with my Christmas cheer. I participated in a December Daily photo challenge, and because of that, I felt like I tried even harder to make memorable {photo-worthy} moments. This year, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Plainly put, I felt tired of trying so hard to make a picture perfect life.

As a result, I have significantly less photos this holiday season and, ironically enough, a much more grateful heart. Rather than spending every moment focused on capturing my perfect day, I was able to see things that may have went unnoticed. The simple things, such as Wyet turning on the Christmas lights before I get home from work {because he knows how much I love seeing the house lit up} and the freshly shoveled walkway are daily occurrences that have previously went unnoticed. Now, I see the importance of the everyday moments {the way the dogs sit in the windowsill waiting for us to get home} and how those little things are what I truly want to remember.

Just because I am in a bit of a holiday funk this year doesn't mean that all of our traditions went out the window. We still held true to those traditions that mean the absolute most to us. We still decorated sugar cookies, went to A Christmas Carol and celebrated the birthday of Matye. We focused on the important aspects of the season; family and spending time together.

I am sure that in years to come I will have those holidays seasons where I go overboard and want to do everything just perfectly. But for now, here is to a holiday season where I didn't try so hard, and it turned out fine.

Taking pictures for our Christmas cards turned out to be quite the adventure. The day before these photos were taken, I had every one dressed up nicely and was working so hard on getting the perfect photo. When nothing was turning out right,  I bagged the idea. We tried again the next day, and while the photo is simple, it is real.

The cat refused to be a part of our family photo

I spent a Sunday with some of my closest friends watching A Roman Holiday {a black and white classic} followed by a stroll through the Festival of Lights. I am so grateful for these friends in my life.

Frosting sugar cookies is something Wyet and I started doing together years ago. When Wyet first told me Kev was coming over that night, I was irritated because I wanted it to be just the two of us. However, sometimes it's true that the more the merrier, and we ended up having an awesome night.

While Wyet and I didn't make it to every Christmas party this year, we did make the most of the ones we did attend. Wyet even won the ugly sweater contest {obviously}.

Now that Ash has such a crazy work schedule, we didn't get to spend her entire birthday together like we usually do. Nonetheless, I am happy I got to spend a bit of the morning with her at least. She is truly a great friend, and I am grateful for her presence in my life.
Setting up Matye's Christmas decorations.

After A Christmas Carol, my parents treated us all to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. Having the whole family together is rare, and I treasure these photos and moments together more than anything. These are the moments that holidays should be filled with. These are the real gifts of Christmas.

October Recap: List Edition

Saturday, November 7, 2015

This past week at work I was introduced to a new trend called Listers Gotta List. It is from The Reset Girl site, and each month there is a list of prompts to help you document your everyday life. As a list enthusiast, I fell in love with this idea. Here is my October recap using this month's prompts:
  1. Favorite October Memories: Watching The Addams Family play at the Hale
  2. Favorite Fall Beverage: Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Beer
  3. Favorite Comfort Food: Macaroni & Cheese
  4. Fall Fashion: Lace up boots and sweaters
  5. My Favorite Accomplishment: Making big decisions regarding our future housing situation
  6. Cherished Childhood Treasure: A cardboard book I have had forever called Sweetie & What's For Lunch
  7. Things I Want to Accomplish This Year: Budget Planning
  8. Halloween Costume: Moriticia Addams
  9. Currently Reading & Watching: Mainly reading magazines lately {Real Simple, House Beautiful & Food Network} watching all the seasons of 3rd Rock from the Sun
  10. Things That Inspire Me: I am constantly inspired by my creative friends.
  11. Favorite Scary Movie: The Burbs {even though it's not that scary}
  12. Favorite Pattern: Floral and Houndstooth
  13. What's on my Desk: A wooden cat from Jamaica, a C marquee letter and a picture of Wyet and the pups
  14. Morning Routine: Rushed! 
  15. Looking Forward To: A new home
  16. Evening Routine: Homemade dinner with Wyet, a shower, a show and sudoku
  17. Favorite Snack: String Cheese & Pickles
  18. Something I Learned: That Wyet and I can make difficult decisions together {without completely going crazy on each other}
  19. Why Fall is Magical: Everything changes - the colors, the weather, even my outlook on life
  20. Favorite Music Genre: 80s rock
  21. What I Can't Live Without: Murphy
  22. Ways I am Still a Kid: Pixar movies are still my favorite
  23. Things That Make Make Me Fall in Love: Weekend breakfasts with Wyet that seem to last for hours
  24. Where I Want to Vacation Next Year: Yellowstone
  25. Holiday Plans: Getting a tiny Christmas tree {that is all that will fit in our house}, attending A Christmas Carol production and playing board games by the fire with Wyet
  26. My Reading List: The Girl in the Spider's Web {a continuation of the Stieg Larsson series}
  27. What's on my Craft Planner: Working on my yearly Christmas scrapbook
  28. Things I Love About the Internet: Pinterest
  29. Times I Have Surprised Myself: Managing life as a grown up is surprising enough!
  30. Something I Accomplished in October: Finally getting caught up at work
  31. Favorite Halloween Candy: Hershey's Cookies & Cream 
October has always been one of my favorite months, and Halloween is definitely my preferred holiday. To celebrate this year, we kept true to our yearly traditions of carving pumpkins with Wyet's mom and dressing up. The festivities exceeded even further with the invitation to a Halloween wedding of our old friend Robert. To top off the eventful month, Wyet pushed himself to get back in the drawing room with an Inktober challenge. Overall, it was cheerful month, and we made countless memories along the way.

Carving time!
Pat carving her crayons!
Matye's colorful pumpkin.
Two crazies and a cheshire cat!
Wyet working on one of his many Inktober drawings. 

My personal favorite!

Hendryx dressed up as a skeleton this year and came trick-or-treating at my work. He scored these funny glasses in his bucket and instantly became obsessed with them.
Enjoying the warm weather in Kanab after the wedding.
Making the most of our trip to Kanab, we spent the weekend with some of our oldest friends. Walking around with Wyet and Kevin took me back to the early stages of our friendship before any of us could drive. 
After the Halloween party/reception, we headed back to our hotel to continue celebrating. As it turns out, we are all way older than we want to admit. We were fast asleep by 10:00 p.m!

Details: Volume 5

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I am in awe that we are already in the month of November. This season always seems to go the quickest. The leaves only stay yellow for so long before falling off the trees completely; the air only stays brisk a short while before turning in to a full blown chill. Autumn is a short lived treasure, and mine was packed full of perfectly ordinary, perfect moments.

Here is a quick recap of my life lately:

Watching: All of the Hannibal Lecter movies {definitely not by choice - Wyet insisted upon it for the Halloween season}
Drinking: Hot chocolate every single night before bed
Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt {a nearly 800 page wonder that is taking me forever to get through}
Waiting: For the snow to start falling
Dreaming: Of new home decor ideas
Loving: On all the puppies at my mom's house {her toy poodle and dachshund had four sweet pups: Moby, Rudy, Zara & Finn}
Starting: A very strict budget plan
Realizing: That some of our goals are in closer reach than I ever imagined
Thankful: That I am sharing all of these moments with Wyet

It has definitely been one of the warmest autumns I can remember. We took a hike up Salt Creek trail {to the spot where Wyet proposed} and didn't even need jackets.

The gorgeous changing leaves.

We meant to do this on the day of our engagement but didn't get around to it - carving our initials in a tree near the spot the proposal celebration happened! 

Forever our favorite spot.
Family photo!
I love you! 

September Skies

Sunday, October 18, 2015

To say the least, this year has been full; full of happy moments, busy days and endless events. With each passing month, our calendar seems to get more and more full, and while I am generally in favor of spending my days quietly at home, I must admit, the adventures have been refreshing. Here is a photographic recap of the first bit autumn. Full of my favorite people, crisp evenings and September skies, this year just keeps getting better.

I spent the first days of September traveling home from Australia. I was so homesick for these two.
After only being home for a short week, I was off again to Las Vegas to celebrate Kramer's final days as a bachelorette. I'll admit, I was reluctant to go as I just wanted to spend some time at home. Nevertheless, it ended up being an incredibly memorable trip with some amazing girlfriends.

The following week at her beautiful wedding in Midway.
My hottest wedding date!
We decided to make a weekend of our trip to Midway. We stayed at our favorite spot, the Homestead, and went to Park City the next day. Lucky for us, the Park Silly Market was in full swing that day. We scored some fun decor, food and even dog treats to take home.

Circus Night! This date night was planned out by Wyet, and it makes me realize how lucky I am to be with someone that is always up for a fun adventure.

Spending the evening with my favorite people at my favorite place! {We had just seen The Diary of Anne Frank at the Hale.}

To top off the eventful month, we went to see our favorite 80s bands at Usana. We usually go to at least one concert a year at this amphitheater, and it truly is our favorite venue.

The gorgeous sunset!

Whenever we weren't busy with activities this month, we spent a lot of time in between our kitchen and garden. Our harvest was definitely bountiful this year, and we bottled as much of it up as possible.
Wyet knew how much I loved these blue Ball jars, and he bought me a ton! {I think he overestimated our canning abilities!}
Freezing homemade tomato soup to enjoy all winter long.
I have loved all the adventures we experienced in September, but truthfully, the nights spent at home, just the two of us, are the ones I treasure the most.

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