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Friday, March 24, 2017

Only three months in to the new year and I am already feeling like time is escaping me. The first part of this year has been exhausting to say the least. The month of January was spent {almost entirely} on the road. With lots of work trips and a personal getaway at the beginning of February, I definitely spent more nights in hotels than at home. {If you know me, this was clearly not ideal.}

Life slowed down a bit throughout February, but as March has come {and is going}, I can't help but feel like time is charging on at a pace all it's own. Remembering to take time to document the everyday often falls to the bottom of my to-do list. Here is to abandoning my to-do list of mundane tasks and making time to document. Here is a brief recap of life in 2017:

Reading: Perfect, a novel I can't wait to finish because it is dragging
Waiting: For the arrival of my newest nephew {any day now!}
Accomplishing: The goals I set for myself at New Years. I finally made goals that were attainable and that I truly wanted to incorporate in to my life {well, except for my cardio goals - those will probably never come to fruition}.
Planning: A vacation! Wyet and I spontaneously booked a trip to Ireland.
Learning: New hobbies - oil painting and hand embroidery
Feeling: Overwhelmed {there is so much happening right now!} but in a good way
Loving: This spring weather!

As I look through my phone, I realize I am definitely failing at my photo taking! Here are some {very} random photos of life this year.

New Years Eve 2016 - spent at home together with good food, cocktails and even some poppers!
Our first and most successful Bob Ross Paint Night!

January 8th-12th - Spent traveling across Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. I felt proud that I could navigate all alone in a new place, but I definitely missed being home.
So I had Wyet send me selfies of the boys back home :)
After being home for only 5 days, I had to leave again for our annual tradeshow which was held in Phoenix. Luckily, I wasn't traveling solo this time.
After a very busy two weeks on the road, we had a relaxing weekend in Brianhead. Wyet bought me a ski lesson, and I quickly realized I am more of a hang out in the condo type of girl!
Once we decided to take the trip to Ireland, we quickly had to get our documents in order. As both of our passports had expired, we had to send them in for renewal. I was a little bummed I couldn't keep my passport which has so many memories of the places I have been.

New passports have arrived! We are valid international travelers until 2027.
For Valentine's Day Wyet bought me more supplies to keep our new-found hobby going strong!
Of course, I had to visit my favorite little Valentine on the 14th. He has a huge chunk of my heart!
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