Let's Run Away Together

Friday, July 26, 2013

I have to admit, life over the past few years has treated me well. Of course, there were disappointments and bad days, but overall, I experienced more moments of happiness than not. Regardless, there are still those days in which I want to just run away. I think {I hope} that everyone experiences that need to just get away every once in awhile. While we are all out there trying to make others conceptualize our lives as being perfect, we forget that we're all writing a less than perfect story. There is nothing wrong with admitting that life can just be too much at times.

Over the past few weeks, work has been hectic, trying to maintain a decent home and yard has felt like a never ending job and finding time to workout or even go for a walk has been nearly impossible. I have felt overwhelmed; like there weren't enough hours in a day. For living under the same roof as Wyet, I was starting to wonder why I hardly ever spent time with him. Then I decided, enough is enough. We need an escape.

I have never successfully surprised Wyet {probably because I can't keep a secret, and I think he is a private detective}, but this time was different. I knew that Wyet would be completely exhausted after the Spartan Race so this was my prime opportunity to really blow him away with a fun, yet very low key weekend getaway. I packed our bags, stuffed them in my trunk and he was none the wiser.

Once the Spartan was over, we jumped in the car, and Wyet thought we were headed for home. He was so distracted looking at the photos I had taken on my camera that it wasn't until we had almost arrived at our destination that he asked what was going on. Moments later, I rounded the corner and pulled up to The Homestead Resort. He sent me a confused glance before I burst out, "We are staying here!" He was completely shocked.

We spent the remainder of the evening soaking in the infamous Crater mineral water, eating a delicious meal at Simon's and listening to a little bit of folk music from the Midway Summer Concert Series {we got lucky by booking our room on a night that a free concert was on the grounds}. When we went back to our room, we spent a few hours sitting on the balcony talking about life and just being together. It was calm, and it was wonderful. The next morning we stopped by a local cafe and had pastries and coffee. This was the life.

I can't help but smile at the reason this short retreat was so satisfying. Sure the beautiful landscaping, live music and serene atmosphere helped, but the best part about the experience was being together. It seemed we hadn't spent that type of quality, up all night talking, kind of time together in months. It was just what I needed to get me through the hectic ins and outs of our sometimes less-than-perfect everyday life.

I love gazebos! This was right outside of our room.
The beautiful grounds at the resort. There were fountains and flowers everywhere!

This picture doesn't even do the Crater justice. This mineral water was the perfect temperature, and it was inside a cave with an open top to see outside!
After our relaxing little soak!
We climbed to the top of the Crater to check out the view. Wyet was so sore from the race he could barely make it!

Feeling refreshed and ready for life!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Over the course of life, people change. Sometimes the changes are minute and sometimes the changes are drastic. However, nobody can argue that sometimes people change and they don't even realize it until after the fact.

Wyet and I are still so young. You wouldn't think we could have gone through that many changes yet. {If you know me well enough, that last sentence is quite comical.} The changes we have experienced in our family lives, our relationship and our personal interests seems to be never ending. Even though sometimes these alterations happen just as quickly as the day passes, others are intentional and take time. Wyet's most recent change was dynamic. It involved sacrifice, determination, and without a doubt, blood, sweat and tears.

Wyet was so active in his younger years. Not only in the way that most young kids are active but beyond that. In high school, he was a very skilled and very competitive member of the wrestling team. He gave that team his all. He went to practice twice a day and even worked out on his own in between class, practice and personal time. He had such dedication. It definitely paid off when he became the regional champion {two years in a row} and took 2nd overall in the state competition. He was on fire. He was fit, active and he felt great.

Then life happened. He graduated, he went through some hard times, he moved away from home- and the working out thing just faded away. {Hasn't this happened to us all?} He went on living life and didn't spend a whole lot of time worrying about the physical aspect of his life. Until one day earlier this year, he decided he wanted to make some changes.

It was in early February that Wyet started talking about working out. It came out of nowhere and for no reason other than he just wanted to start feeling better. I agreed with him that it would probably be a good thing for us both to do, and I assumed that's where the conversation would end. I was so wrong. Within the next  four weeks, Wyet had quit smoking {with more ease than I knew possible}, had given up soda and had drastically changed his eating habits. We began eating protein and produce by the plate-fulls. Then, he began to run. Before I knew it, he was lifting weights and getting together with his aunt and uncle a few times a week for a cardio class. It was bizarre. Who was this guy?

As the months have passed and this change has stayed constant I can tell you exactly who this guy is. He is happy. He is motivated, and he feels good. The changes in his appearance became very noticeable that first month. His face slimmed down, his waist slimmed down and his legs and shoulders beefed up. Better than that, his attitude change became noticeable after a few days. He had a goal, and he was making progress. He was thrilled to be doing something so positive and meaningful.

In order to keep up with his goal, he wanted something to work towards. That is when he signed up for the Spartan Beast. The Spartan Beast race is anything but an ordinary half marathon. It's a half marathon for bad asses. It includes 26 obstacles scattered throughout a 13 mile run. And it is brutal. For four months, Wyet trained. He trained hard. He had no idea what to expect from this strenous race, but his only goal was to finish.

On June 29, we made our way up to Soldier Summit, Utah for the big event. The place was swarming with people. There were people pinning their numbers to their shorts getting ready to begin and others already covered in mud and crossing the finish line. Wyet was nervous, but he was ready. He took off at 10:45 a.m. and finished on the button at 2:00 p.m. He beat his anticipated finish time by an entire hour. He beat himself, and I've never seen him so proud.

Arriving at the big event!
Wyet and his Aunt Keti were able to train and compete together

Getting ready to take off!
Wyet and his Uncle Kyler
And they're off!
Just a small percentage of the competitors. This race brought in nearly 5000 participants.
One of the obstacels was swimming through 4 massive mud ponds
Wyet making it past his last obstacle
Crawling down a rocky hill with a barbed wire cover before being able to cross the finish line
The cheerleaders {and Whit}
Re-hydrating just after crossing the finish line{Wyet finished in the top 13%}
Wyet telling the tale!
Wyet with his super proud and supportive mama
I am so proud of this guy. I was lucky enough to witness the behind the scenes months leading up to this successful day!

Happy Birthday to Him

Monday, July 8, 2013

It was a carefree night in May 2004 that changed my life forever. That was the night that I first exchanged flirtatious smiles and phone numbers with the love of my life.  As small town kids generally do, we were hanging around the city park late one night doing absolutely nothing. We had a mutual group of friends so it wasn't uncommon for us both to end up in the same place. As the night went on and the flirting continued, we realized it was finally time to head home. We exchanged phone numbers, and I asked him to "text me later, if you want." He then admitted that he didn't have a clue how to text. Oh, but he learned.

We were such awkward little kids {barely 5 feet tall and me with my braces}, but we were so into each other. The texts started that night and haven't stopped since. I would never go as far to say that our relationship has been anything resembling perfection, but it has all turned out better than I could have hoped.

Today, that sweet guy turned 25. Here are some fun facts about him:

1. H. R. Giger is the inspiration for {nearly} all of his tattoos
2. His favorite type of food is Chinese
3. But seafood is a very close second
4. He has been stuck with this crazy for nearly a decade
5. He is one of the most stubborn men I have ever met
6. And also one of the most forgiving
7. He became a business owner at age 23
8. He has learned many techniques from his family, but much of his artistic ability has been self-taught
9. He loves to watch any show that teaches him how to survive in the wilderness
10. He would love to enroll in culinary school
11. He has been tobacco free for over 17 weeks
12. He has a pet snake named Marilyn
13. Once upon a time- he had his mom dye his hair purple
14. In high school, he had a poster of Gwen Stefani hanging in his bedroom
15. He only weighed 103 pounds at age 16
16. He loves to research everything- he will never make a spontaneous purchase without first researching all pros/cons/competitors
17. His sister Matye will always be his role model
18. He has had the same pet pug for 17 years
19. His dedication is unmatched- once he puts his mind to something he always follows through
20. He loves spending time outdoors {fishing, hiking and camping are a must}
21. His decorating style is completely modern {but he lets me keep our house just the opposite}
22. He loves to garden and spend time in the yard
23. He is baby hungry! {seriously- he talks about it more than I do}
24. He has the world’s best laugh- I can’t get enough of it
25. He has loved, he has lost and he always lives life to the fullest

Happy Birthday Mr. Ingram :]

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