Happy Holidays

Monday, December 30, 2013

As always, I was overly excited that Christmas was nearing, and I began to get in the holiday spirit a bit early {November 1st early}. As soon as the pumpkins and spiders came down, the Christmas tree went up. There is something magical about a darkened room lit up only by the glow of the Christmas tree. While Wyet wasn't completely on board with my early decorating, he certainly was sweet enough to make sure that the tree was plugged in each night before I returned home from work.

Even though we moved in our home last year in early December, it felt as though this was our first real Christmas in our house together. We were more put together, less rushed. For our first {real} Christmas under one roof, we decided to be extra merry and put lights on the house. {Of course by "we" I mean Wyet.} I was beyond excited to have our house all lit up, and I am so grateful that Wyet braved the heights and had all the lights up before Thanksgiving.

{Notice the pups in the window!}

As always, my family attended the annual production of A Christmas Carol at The Hale Theater. We have been attending this play for years, and yet it never gets old. There are certain scenes that relentlessly bring tears to my eyes, and I always leave feeling uplifted. A Christmas Carol encourages me to be a bit more giving during this busy time of year and helps me remember the true meaning of Christmas.

After the play, we all went out to Zupas together for a little family dinner.
As the awaited day finally approached, Wyet and I each opened our Christmas Eve gifts {pajamas, of course} and watched Christmas Vacation yet another time. Wyet surprised me with the most nostalgic gift, How the Grinch Stole Christmas {cartoon style}! We watched my new movie {a few times} and visited my brothers before heading to bed.

New jammies!
When Christmas Day finally arrived, we opened our gifts while enjoying some coffee {the puppies even had a few gifts to open themselves}. As always, we went to my parents for breakfast and enjoyed my dad's infamous eggs benedict. When we returned home, we enjoyed a few family visitors while watching A Christmas Story.

The pups opening their stocking gifts!

Wyet and Murphy playing with the pups new toys.
As Rio celebrated her 16th Christmas, it only seemed fitting to treat her like a gift and don her with a bow.
Wyet finally got the griddle he had been asking for!
Dad opening his usual gift {we always get him the same thing} before breakfast.
Jerrod happily opened his present while Cameron tried to wake up.
By far the best thing about Christmas is my dad's eggs benedict. This is, without a doubt, my favorite indulgence.
Despite my knowledge that holiday gatherings are far from easy, I volunteered {insisted} on hosting Christmas dinner at our house this year. Wyet made an appetizing smoked prime rib that everyone enjoyed, I partook in a glass {or two} of spirits and handed out gifts to our family. The party was full of laughter and happiness, and we were all surrounded by the people we love. The way I see it, there is no better way to spend a holiday.

Wyet and Patye having the best holiday celebration!

My dad surprised me by bringing over Bart {pictured} and Chewy {our family pups}.
JC and Alexsis opening a few gifts for themselves and a couple for Baby Fillmore too!

My two favorite boys!

I LOVE Stuart Little! Thanks Mom!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

There is something quaint yet luxurious about a handmade gift. It is unique and thoughtful; something particularly tailored with the recipient in mind. Handmade gifts {in my opinion} are the most precious gifts; for handmade gifts, cannot be bought nor duplicated.

While I do not have the time to make each special person in my life a handmade gift for every occasion, I always find time each Christmas season to make my mom a scrapbook highlighting certain moments of the year's past. Despite the simplicity of these small books, the impact they make is remarkable. Each photo showcases a day worth remembering. I enjoy creating and gifting these simple treasures, yet more than that, I love the surprised look on my mom's face each year as she opens it.

Merry Christmas Mama. Thanks for always {acting surprised} and being appreciative of these handmade gifts.


Monday, December 23, 2013

“Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”- Julia Child 

To feel passionate towards something is one of the greatest feelings you can experience. It is an overwhelming feeling of energy, happiness, desire and at times, possibly even a tad of obsession. Our passions are that which we never tire of doing. Our passions are what separate us from the rest.

Wyet is incredibly passionate about art. While he does have a God-given talent, he has undeniably worked extremely hard to become the artist he is today. Whether it be experimenting with different mediums to discover his niche or staying awake late into the night to finish a project, his efforts to create a masterpiece have always been meticulous.

Airbrushing has become an extension of Wyet; it is a hobby that has encompassed his life. There have been occasions when I have watched Wyet paint, and I can't tell where the movement of his hand stops and the airbrush begins. He is fluid and precise, and it is truly amazing to watch. Being able to observe as Wyet makes the step-by-step progressions on his artwork is astonishing to say the least.

Living with Wyet has been incredible for various reasons. However, one of the best reasons is the motivation and creativity he radiates. Being around a motivated person, encourages me to be more motivated. Living with a creative person, inspires me to think more creatively. Thanks to Wyet and his undying passion, I have been able to be my most creative self over this past year.
I am beyond grateful that I am able to share my life with someone who keeps creativity and passion alive in our home. He has established a creative spark in our lives, and it is here to stay.

Wyet's most recent painting in progress.

One of the best things we have done was making room for this creative space in our home.

The finished product {this photo was snapped from my phone and doesn't even begin to give this painting justice}.

One Year

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It has been one year {365 snuggly nights, 52 lazy Sunday afternoons and 2 couples retreats} since Wyet and I moved into this tiny yellow house. Since day one, it has been an adventure. Even though we have known each other for nearly a decade, we have learned many new things about each other since that cold day last December when we moved in together. With all of the surprising facts learned and all of the great memories made, this past year has been the happiest of my life. I suppose it is true, "Sometimes right back where you started from is right where you belong."

Here are a few of my favorite highlights of this first year living together:
  • We successfully climbed one of the highest mountain peaks in Utah
  • We discovered our desire to be granola's {sleeping under the stars, picnicking on hiking trails, enjoying nature at its finest} Our favorite granola moment of the year was our Soldier Summit getaway
  • We learned how to work together as a couple { for example: the do's and don'ts of arguing}
  • I observed as Wyet made a 180 degree life change and trained for {and kicked ass at} the Spartan Race
  • We hosted Christmas dinner at our house just weeks after moving in together {which I am happy to say has become a new tradition}
  • Wyet cooked dinner for me nearly every night {I am too lucky}
  • We planted our very own garden {and gave it hell to make it grow}
  • We saw our favorite band, HIM, together live {I credit this band for persuading us tiny teens to fall in love}
  • We found the serenity in late night porch sitting and early morning coffee dates
  • We made the little moments count {from the good morning post-it notes stuck to the bathroom mirror to the surprise gifts left on the kitchen counter}
  • We finally became a family of our own
Here is to one year under our belts and decades more to come. This little yellow house has been good to us. Thanks for the great start.

Christmas Day 2012


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Once a year we are asked to acknowledge all of the things that we are grateful for; to be verbally appreciative for the beautiful lives we are fortunate enough to live. We always mention how thankful we are for our families, our friends, our jobs and our homes.  As always, on Thanksgiving Day, the food is a little bit tastier, the family time is a little more precious and the blessing said always brings tears to my eyes.

This Thanksgiving, I realized how important this holiday has become to me. It is a day I look forward to each year as that Thursday in November approaches. I look forward to a day of uninterrupted family time. I look forward to remembering all of my blessings. Hell, I even look forward to the family drama that {naturally} accompanies every family get-together.

The overwhelming feeling of appreciation and love that Thanksgiving resonates in me of each year is outstanding. As this holiday season continues, I want to keep this conscious feeling of thankfulness present. I am incredibly fortunate for this beautiful life of mine, and that needs to be spoken of more than once a year.

I am thankful for the unselfish helpfulness my {not so} little brothers always offer.

 I am thankful for Cameron and Jerrod's sense of humor and their ability to always make me laugh.

 I am thankful that my mom is my best friend, my confidant, my role model and greatest supporter.

I thankful for my parents' beautiful home. This house will always be the most comfortable place in the world to me.

 I am thankful for having two diligent parents that taught me the importance of hard work.

 These two again- because they are just that great.

 I am thankful for Wyet and Patye because they know just how dorky I am, yet they love me anyways.

 I am thankful for relaxing evenings on the couch with wonderful company.

I am thankful for having these two women as role models. I have never met anyone more hardworking, dedicated, family oriented and completely inspiring as these two. They work harder than anyone I know, and they still make time for the finer things in life. I am a better person because of them.

 I am beyond thankful for Wyet. He is the one who brings out the happiest version of myself, and I will forever be proud to call him mine.

{JC and Alexsis weren't able to make it down until later in the evening, and by this time, I had put the camera away. However, I do want to say how grateful I am for having an older brother that never gives up, and I couldn't be happier that he has found someone like Alexsis to spend his life with.}

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