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Sunday, May 29, 2016

I can hardly believe that Hendryx is now a two year old! I remember the first day I met him; going to the hospital and seeing him swaddled and sleeping. He was so new, so pure. Seeing a newborn baby you begin to think that nothing could be more perfect, but there is. The best part about babies is watching them grow, watching them develop a personality and become their own person.

Over the past two years, I have been able to witness Hendryx change. He went from being a precious little baby to a little dude that has his own agenda. Right now, he is obsessed with bird watching, Mickey Mouse & Don Don {Donald Duck} and golfing like dad. He has become a little chatter box and can repeat practically anything you tell him. He has learned who everyone in our family is and can call you out by name when you enter a room.

As sweet as that silently sleeping baby was, there is nothing better than walking in to his house to bring him his very first Happy Meal, and having him greet me with a huge grin and a "Hi Aunt Hissa". Here is to the the little man that changed this family for the better. I hope you always think I am as fun and cool as you do right now. I can't wait to see how you grow over this next year.

This guy sure is loved. He had family travel all the way from Idaho to be with him on his birthday.

The uncles
He was bashful at the beginning of the party, but he warmed up to all of the attention soon enough.

All the boys!

The happy parents

The original crew & my first friends
I have never seen so much Fillmore in one picture. Aren't they spitting images of each other?

Happy Mama's Day

For Mother's Day this year, we celebrated our amazing mama's with a mid-morning brunch {because there is no better meal in my opinion}, and then we spent the day respectively with those incredible woman who raised us. Wyet and Pat spent the day watching movies, shopping for patio furnishings and relaxing; while Deb and I lounged at Barnes & Noble reading books and magazines, drinking coffee and visiting Hendryx.

Every mama does this whole parenting bit differently {and thank goodness for that}, but one thing is for sure - each of these mom's pictured below gives it her all. What would the world be without strong woman for each of us to look up to? They are definitely the foundations of our family, and we would be completely lost without them.

Wyet and Pat

Three generations ;]
The boys and mom

Little Hendryx in his Krispy Kreme hat!
A cute boy and his amazing mom!

Grandma and Hendryx
So grateful to be recognized as a puppy mom {yes, it's a thing}. These flowers are gorgeous!

Bock Bock Easter Bunny

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Even though Easter was months ago {how did that happen?!}, I wanted to share these photos from our spring holiday. I always look forward to Easter weekend because it is full of delicious treats, an even better dinner and the hopefulness that winter is about to pass.

As with every Easter, we took full advantage of the opportunity to feel like kids again, and we spent an afternoon coloring eggs. It is during these moments at home with Wyet that I realize how lucky I am to be with someone who will indulge in these childhood activities with me. Because really, it's the little things, like coloring Easter Eggs on a Saturday afternoon, that really give us something to look forward to.


Easter eggs have come a long way! This kit we bought was for a marble effect. I love how they turned out!

Just a couple of big kids - faking it as adults.
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