Twenty Six & One

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I am another year older with another remarkable year under my belt. Some amazing moments have happened over the course of the past 365 days, and I feel completely blessed with the life I have been given. While 25 treated me so well, I can't help but feel spoiled at the thought of all the amazing things to come during this 26th year of life. I truly believe the best year of my life lies ahead of me, and I have butterflies in my stomach even thinking about.

Here is to being 26 years young and loving every minute of it. As always, here are 26 facts about my life in this moment:
  • Gardening is my most gratifying pastime 
  • Currently obsessed with anything stationary related 
  • So naturally, I have been consumed with sending mail 
  • I crave the days when I know I don't have to leave the house
  • Theater over movies - always
  • I am incredibly forgetful {thus my need to take pictures of everything}
  • When I make my daily commute to work, I usually do so in complete silence. This is my only uninterrupted thinking time.
  • During this time, my thoughts are generally consumed with project ideas I don't get around to, blog posts I forget to write and day dreams of buying/decorating a home one day.
  • On the contrary, when I drive late at night, I listen to my music at full volume and sing it out at full lung capacity
  • I am passionate about literature 
  • And saving all of the animals
  • I read magazines like a book - cover to cover
  • My idea of a perfect day would include lounging in the hammock, a trip to Barnes and Noble ending with an evening on the porch
  • Cocktail Preference: Gin and 7-Up
  • Coffee Preference: Bold, extra milk, no sugar
  • Daydreaming of sandy beaches, teal oceans and swim-up bars
  • I am a big believer in wearing sunscreen
  • I can not stand the taste of kale
  • My heart is owned by three boys {Wyet, Hendryx, Murphy}
  • I love playing board games
  • & hanging out with my family
  • Current favorite stores: Paper Source, Barnes & Noble, TJ Maxx
  • I love 80s rock and 90s alternative music
  • Laying in bed at night {with the lights off} is when Wyet and I have the best, uninterrupted conversations
  • I keep a notepad in every room of the house {this is where I list books I want to read, words I need to learn and songs Wyet wants to download}
  • I am marrying my best friend and love of my life. It was never meant to be any other way.
This year, as usual, we went camping for my birthday celebration.

Hammock time!

Wyet surprised me with this Bean Bag Toss game he made!
It is incredible being with someone who can make virtually anything!
My loves!

Right before we got hit with a thunderstorm that lasted all night.
The best part of the night - reading in the hammock.
Another year with this guy is another year well spent.
More importantly than my own, we celebrated another birthday recently. Hendryx just turned one! It seems crazy that he is already one year old, and at the same time, I can't believe we have only had him in our life for one short year. Hendryx truly does bring out the better in all of us. He is an incredible little one, and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Happy first birthday baby boy!

Loving on Grandma Deb.

That pouty face is too cute!

Grandpa begging for some baby time!

A smash cake done right!

Opening his many gifts!
You know it was a great gift idea when two show up at the same party!

Bonding with his Uncle Jerrod.

Look Ma

The one thing I know for certain about motherhood is that mom's put every bit of their heart and soul into their kids. I know this, of course, by witnessing it my entire life. Mom's love with a selfless ability; they always put their family first, and their protective nature doesn't end once their children grow up.

Now that my siblings and I are all grown adults, I know that our mom still worries for us just as much now {if not more} than ever before. When we were kids, she was always there to watch over us and make sure everything was alright, and even though she has lost that control of being ever-present, I know that the worrying hasn't stopped. The fact that my mom worries, proves to me only how much she cares. That's the thing with moms, above all else, they are the most caring and compassionate people in our lives.

I have been incredibly blessed to be surrounded by some of the best mom's out there. My mom, my mother-in-law, Patye, and my sister-in-law, Alexsis, have each shown me the value in being a mom. While these three women are so fundamentally different, they each have the common thread of motherhood weaving through them. They each want the absolute best for their babies, regardless of how old those "babies" may be.

Here is a post to say thank you. Thank you, mom, for always being my confidant. I turn to you before I turn to anyone else. Our relationship is completely void of secrets and it always has been. Thank you, Pat, for raising incredibly gifted and motivated people. I am beyond blessed to have ended up with a person that takes his responsibilities seriously but that can also let loose and have fun. Lastly, but never least, thank you, Alexsis, for giving not only my brother but our entire family the greatest gift we could ever imagine. To all of you, thank you for raising some of the best, passionate, driven people I know. Look Ma, we all turned out wonderfully.

As always, we all got together on Mother's Day to celebrate the women who truly are the glue that hold this family together.

At my request, we played a few rounds of Clue. The fact that both Wyet and I enjoy spending time with our parents says something about how great our relationships are.

The newest parents in the family!

Three amazing mama's! {& a puppy mama too!}

My mom and best friend!
The whole crew! {all products of an incredible mom!}
The boys! We are extremely out numbered in this family.

Happy Mother's Day!
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