Oh Autumn

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I always feel a bit of relief when summer comes to and end. Not that I don't fully enjoy the summer months, but there is a sort of pressure that is associated with it. I always feel the need to take full advantage of the sunny days {have an immaculate garden, get a tan, do as much as possible}, and with the first breath of autumn, that all fades away.

Maybe that is one of the main reasons that autumn is my favorite time of year. In the fall, it's fine to spend an entire weekend inside your house tinkering around {maybe in your sweatpants all day}, without the guilt that you should be out doing something.

To commemorate the busy days of summer turning in to the lazy days of fall, we went on one final hike to our favorite spot. Unlike our summertime adventures, this one felt particularly un-rushed and serene. Maybe it was the cooler air and the changing colors, or maybe it was the fact the we took a nap in the leaves. Regardless, it was the perfect way to end a fun-filled season and to enjoy the start of a more mellow one.

Salt Creek Trail 

The babies enjoying all the smells!
& #dogdad!
We made it back to our very special spot.
Because I will never get tired of cheesy kissing pictures!
Carving a tally mark in to our tree - something we plan on doing every year.

Truthfully - we napped here for quite some time!
Our view

Until next year!


Wyet and I always make it a point to explore new places together. This past summer, even though we were kept incredibly busy, we still made a bit of time to explore our beautiful state. It's amazing to me that we have both lived here our entire lives, and there is still so much to see. Below are some recaps of the two big camping adventures we went on this year.

Cleveland Reservoir
July 16-17
While we have been here before {it's been a couple of years}, this felt like a completely new experience. We finally took our little raft out on the open water - with the dogs in tow! At first I was a little nervous, but quickly enough I realized that the dogs aren't afraid of water in the slightest. So I sat back and enjoyed the ride as Wyet rowed us about.
The first night we were there {and in to the next day} the weather was a little rough. That didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves! 

Enjoying my morning coffee and trying to learn a little something about this amazing place we live in.

There is nothing quite like the happiness this guy gets when he catches a fish!

Wyet doing all the hard work.
Exploring the other side of the reservoir.
Thousand Lake Mountain
Labor Day Weekend
This getaway was definitely one of the most planned out camping trips we have been on. We knew we needed to go somewhere remote as Labor Day weekend is always filled with campers. We also knew that the weather was likely to turn on us. Regardless, we were determined to spend some time enjoying nature before the end of summer. We made the two and a half hour drive to our destination and had one of the most memorable camp trips to date.

Tis the time for pumpkin spice everything!
Our tent looks like a space shuttle! The temperatures were supposed to drop in to the 30s at night so we definitely planned ahead and lined our tent in space blankets! #determined

As it was a long journey, we flew solo this time and let the pups sleepover at grandma's. 
Sitting around a fire in the evening is one of the most relaxing ways to end a day! 
Breakfast time! I failed and forgot to bring the coffee press.

On our second day, we decided to set out on an adventure. We decided to hike to Neff's Reservoir and do some fishing. The trail-head said it was only 2 miles and could easily be done on foot. 
The views on the way there were pretty spectacular. 

However, it was definitely an ATV trail and not meant to be taken on foot. It took us way longer than anticipated to arrive.

By the time we finally made it, it was already approaching sunset. We stayed just long enough to take in the beauty, catch one little fish and get back on the trail.

The look of pure relief when you finally make it back to camp before sunset! {It only took running the whole way back.} Once back to camp, we rewarded ourselves with a lovely fire, and a nice stiff drink for our efforts. 

A Love Letter

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I have known you for just over 12 years. I started loving you not long after that. We have lived together for just shy of four years and have been married for just over one. Needless to say, that is a lot of time {and even more love} that has been spent between the two of us. We have possibly had one thousand disagreements, but more likely than not, one thousand plus one occasions where we have been right on the same page. We have been each others closest friend, most honest critic, biggest worry and truest love. We have been each others reason.

You are my reason. I know I am yours, and that's what makes this relationship work; it's what makes sharing a life with you so unbelievably easy. I can count on you when I need someone else to be strong. I  can rely on you to push me when I should be calling the shots. I trust you to be honest and real with me, and I promise to always be the same for you. I know that this type of love is rare, and I'll spend my life trying to not take it for granted.

I am thankful for this past year of marriage and memories, and I can't wait to see what is to come. As long as you are a part of my future, I know it's worth moving forward.

Happiest Anniversary, Toot!
& we celebrated well with cake and wine.
And even a few presents {I bought us the vinyl record of our wedding song}
Wyet spent the day making us authentic Jamaican meals.
For lunch we had juicy patties and rum punch.
Truthfully, the rum punches were sort-of an all day affair.
Cheers to us!
Jerk chicken for dinner
by candlelight!
Here is to one year of marriage & a lifetime of adventures ahead of us. I love you, Wyet!

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