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Saturday, January 23, 2016

If there is one thing I am a firm believer in, it is that love comes in different forms for everyone. In this little house, we share a lot of love and the vast majority of it is directed to our furry friends. To us, they aren't just animals, and they certainly surpass the title of a mere pet. Our pups are part of the family, and we love them like such.

Each of our dogs came in to our lives at different times, and in most cases, at just the right time. Murphy and Cheech were the ones who came in to both mine and Wyet's lives at the precise moment they were needed most {when we each really needed some unconditional love}, and I truly believe they helped pull us through some of our most difficult days. With Rio, it was different. Rio was there for it all.

Wyet has had Rio in his life since he was eight years old. She was the family dog, and the stories he has of her are endless. In her younger days, she was agile as ever; taking laps around the kitchen and up the stairs as fast as she could go. She indulged in tomatoes {straight off the neighbors bushes} and once lost an encounter with a beehive. She was everything a family dog is meant to be: a perfect snuggle partner, the favored child, a best friend.

Even though I have known Rio since I began dating Wyet {in 2004!}, it wasn't until we moved in together that we truly became family. Over the past three years, Rio has had a major presence in my daily routine, and she has played an enormous role in both my and Wyet's lives. While we have spent a good deal of time taking care of Rio over the years, there is no denying the way she took care of us. It takes a great deal of work to implement patience in two people as short fused as us, but she certainly did it. Because of Rio, we have learned how to be more compassionate and understanding, to not get angry about things that are out of our control and to remember that above all else, everyone needs love and attention.

When we realized that Rio's time on earth was coming to a close it was a somber moment, but the memories made and the affect she has had on our family will last a lifetime. As difficult as it has been, we both have taken solace in the knowledge that all dogs go to heaven and that someone was happily waiting for her with arms wide open.

Forever in our hearts Deena!

Brian Head: A Weekend Getaway

As most people would likely agree, moments matter more than things. Which is why over the past few years, Wyet and I have made a conscious effort to give the gift of experience rather than material objects as often as possible. An experience shared will last longer {and mean more} than any mere present. This past Christmas, we celebrated in the way that we know best, running away for a weekend retreat together. Regardless of how far away we go, weekend getaways always leave me completely refreshed with a subtle reminder of how blessed I am to be sharing my life with the one I love the absolute most.

It was a white winter indeed!

Since I have come to the realization that snowboarding isn't for me, I really tag along with Wyet for the excuse to indulge in bar food and hefeweizens :)

Can you blame me?
By far, the best part of the trip was night tubing!

Until next time!

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