Building A Foundation

Sunday, August 21, 2016

All great things in life start with a sturdy foundation. Everything has to be built from the bottom up. You aren't supposed to start at the top; you need to work your way there. This definitely proved to be true when Wyet and I decided we wanted to become homeowners.

We had looked at homes on the market for well over a year before we came to the decision that there wasn't one out there that felt right. When we finally found the courage {thanks to a few people encouraging us to take the risk} to look in to building a home, we realized that it wasn't as far-fetched of a dream as we might have thought. Before we knew it, we had handed over the small bit of savings that we had, and we had signed a contract to build our first home.

For me, this was single-handedly the biggest decision Wyet and I had ever made. Unlike getting married, this was something that I had reservations about. It was a huge decision both mentally and financially, and even though I wanted a new home so badly, I had a lot of anxiety about this commitment. As time went on and we began making decisions, my fears slowly began turning in to excitement. This home was going to be ours; from the color of the paint to fixtures on the ceiling, these were our decisions.

One of the greatest things I learned from building this house with Wyet is the necessity of compromise. Two people are never going to agree on absolutely everything {that is not only impractical, but it would make for the most boring of marriages}. As with everything in life, you must be willing to stand your ground when you feel strongly about something {a yellow door for me} and be willing to let others have their way when they have a passionate opinion {everything kitchen related for Wyet}. When Wyet and I would agree completely on certain decisions, it made me feel thankful that I share my life with someone who I have a great deal in common with. When we disagreed on simple things like a paint swatch or carpet choice, it felt good to be able to compromise. A disagreement doesn't always need to be a bad thing.

As we built this home, we really grew as a couple. It was fun to be so excited about the future together, and it was healthy to make big decisions as a team. We built our marriage from a strong friendship, and now we will build the rest of our life starting here. Here is to the next steps in life {and a 30 year payment plan in the process!}.
Never have I been so excited to see a hole in the ground!
Ready or not, here we go!

My favorite picture during our home building. I remember this day and trying to envision where walls would go and how we were going to decorate. This was by far the most exciting adventure Wyet and I have taken together.
We frequented our home practically every day during the building process. We are lucky to have such a supportive family that took such an interest in our new adventure. Our parents were there overseeing the process every step of the way.

Feeling so happy to finally see real walls go up!

So close!
Wyet taking in his new kitchen!

Finally, it is a real functioning home!
From the little's yellow house to the little yellow door.
Exhausted yet thrilled - we are homeowners!

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