28 Years & 20 Weeks

Sunday, August 13, 2017

This year as I celebrated my 28th birthday, I also hit the halfway mark of pregnancy. It is crazy to think that in the past 20 weeks I have been building a family and packing around a sweet little bean with me wherever I go. While being pregnant tends to take center-stage in my life, I did manage to spend the month of June celebrating in just the same way as always; uninterrupted time with my favorite people.

Wyet took me camping to our favorite local spot where we spent the afternoon playing Ladder Ball, laughing at the pups as they adventured and talking for hours on end. The night was made extra special when Wyet surprised me with Magic Flames {a powder that turned our campfire purple and blue!}, and I realized how lucky our little babe is to have a dad that will make even the simplest of things better than ever.

I spent some much needed girlfriend time with my mom and a few of my closest friends at the Parade of Homes. These yearly traditions are the things that I most look forward to, and I love knowing that some friendships really are built to last a lifetime.

As always, here are 20-ish very random bits of information about life right now (because 28 just seems like way too many}:
  • We are in the process of putting in our backyard {which Wyet is basically doing single-handedly}
  • I am so excited for the finished result as I know it will be an oasis we escape to day after day
  • Our garden this year is taking off, and I am day dreaming about fresh sliced tomatoes
  • My favorite drink is passion tea lemonade
  • And I love to snack on anything sweet {cake, cake, cake}
  • Unless of course Wyet's dad has made homemade salsa in which case I could finish the entire bowl in one sitting
  • Being pregnant has made me take better care of myself than I ever have before
  • It has made me realize that putting yourself first isn't selfish but a necessity
  • I have taken a brief break from social media {for well over a month!}, and I love the feeling of not knowing every little thing that is going on
  • The hiatus has given me more time for magazine reading, face masks and pedicures {welcome to my Saturday mornings.}
  • My favorite gift this year is my Snoogle {a pregnancy pillow that Wyet gave me as a belated Mother's Day gift}.
  • I am turning in to one of those people that almost exclusively online shops {stores are too stressful!}
  • But the one store that I visit most regularly is Home Depot {gardening and yard projects are taking over our life}
  • I still crave and look forward to the days where we have no plans or intentions of leaving the house
  • My dream vacation would be holing up in a small cottage somewhere {without cell service} and indulging in books, naps and time spent outdoors
  • My current favorite color is white {it's just so clean!}
  • My favorite sound is that of old records scratching on the player {Wyet and I were recently gifted a collection from his great late uncle, and it is amazing!}
  • I want to get a new tattoo at the end of the year {A little pumpkin for my little pumpkin}
  • This is possibly the fastest moving year of my life. The workdays are long but the weeks are flying.
  • I have no doubt that I scored the jackpot when I committed to Wyet. I am so blessed to have another year of memories with him, and I am certain that this next one will top them all.
  • I truly believe that I might be the happiest version of myself right now. Life is not perfect, but it feels like it is moving in the exact direction I need.
Enjoying our annual Def Leppard concert
Wyet baked me the most delicious birthday cake, and I definitely didn't let a crumb go to waste.
Pole Canyon Camp Out with my boys.

Hiking with my fur babies {clearly wore Chippy right out}.

Family ❤❤❤

First Trimester: Butterflies in my Stomach

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

As I write this post, I am approaching my 9th week of pregnancy. However, I likely won't post this for several more weeks. There is a small part of me that can hardly contain this news, and I want to tell everyone I know. There is an even bigger part of me that loves that this is a special secret that only Wyet and I share. This is really happening; we are having a baby!

When I took that first pregnancy test on February 22nd, we both had a feeling that it was going to be positive. Nevertheless, when those two pink lines showed up, Wyet sat speechless; dumbfounded really. For me, it was one of those amazing yet overwhelming moments where all you can do is either laugh or cry. I opted for laughter. Wyet made a joke, and we couldn't quit laughing. It was moment of pure happiness, and perhaps a little fear too that we weren't quite ready to acknowledge.

Instantly {of course} I bought a book on pregnancy and became a Google Master on every topic imaginable. Wyet spent a day or two adjusting to the news {and became increasingly more obsessed with sorting our finances}. While this was very much a planned adventure, it still felt like a surprise.

The extreme tiredness and nausea are definitely in full effect. Though I am counting all my blessings that I haven't had to deal with vomiting {fingers crossed it stays that way!}. I am getting by on cold cereal and popsicles, and I often climb in to bed well before 8:00 p.m.

I can't even begin to put in to words how incredibly blessed I am to be sharing this experience with Wyet. If I thought he was my better half before, he is now showing me that he is what makes me whole. Thank you for your unbelievable support and excitement; for texting me in the middle of the day to ask how our bean is and for making me homemade peanut butter bars well after bedtime. You are my most favorite person, and I can't wait to experience this next phase of life with you.

Parents to be! 

Helyx Ian

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Fillmore Family has been lucky enough to add another member to the crew! Helyx Ian Fillmore was born on March 26th, 2017. He greeted his parents in the early hours of the morning {4:31 a.m.} and came in perfect condition! He kept close to dad while they gave mom all the extra strength, support and love she needed to overcome some post-delivery complications. {She is doing great and well recovered now!}

While he definitely has captured a tender spot in the entire family's hearts, I don't think anyone has been as obsessed as big brother Hendryx. The only thing sweeter than falling in love with my brand new nephew is watching my first little love completely melt for his new best friend.

Congratulations to my brother, strong sister and the best big brother in the world. Your tiny family is now complete.

Heaven sent and completely perfect!
Grandma Deb with her two favorite little boys!
Have you ever seen a big brother more proud?

My best little friend.
& best friend junior! I can't wait to watch you grow and see the little man you become. I know you will have a vibrant personality all your own and will bring something to this family that we have been missing all along. You have already stole our hearts.

Details: Volume 6

Friday, March 24, 2017

Only three months in to the new year and I am already feeling like time is escaping me. The first part of this year has been exhausting to say the least. The month of January was spent {almost entirely} on the road. With lots of work trips and a personal getaway at the beginning of February, I definitely spent more nights in hotels than at home. {If you know me, this was clearly not ideal.}

Life slowed down a bit throughout February, but as March has come {and is going}, I can't help but feel like time is charging on at a pace all it's own. Remembering to take time to document the everyday often falls to the bottom of my to-do list. Here is to abandoning my to-do list of mundane tasks and making time to document. Here is a brief recap of life in 2017:

Reading: Perfect, a novel I can't wait to finish because it is dragging
Waiting: For the arrival of my newest nephew {any day now!}
Accomplishing: The goals I set for myself at New Years. I finally made goals that were attainable and that I truly wanted to incorporate in to my life {well, except for my cardio goals - those will probably never come to fruition}.
Planning: A vacation! Wyet and I spontaneously booked a trip to Ireland.
Learning: New hobbies - oil painting and hand embroidery
Feeling: Overwhelmed {there is so much happening right now!} but in a good way
Loving: This spring weather!

As I look through my phone, I realize I am definitely failing at my photo taking! Here are some {very} random photos of life this year.

New Years Eve 2016 - spent at home together with good food, cocktails and even some poppers!
Our first and most successful Bob Ross Paint Night!

January 8th-12th - Spent traveling across Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. I felt proud that I could navigate all alone in a new place, but I definitely missed being home.
So I had Wyet send me selfies of the boys back home :)
After being home for only 5 days, I had to leave again for our annual tradeshow which was held in Phoenix. Luckily, I wasn't traveling solo this time.
After a very busy two weeks on the road, we had a relaxing weekend in Brianhead. Wyet bought me a ski lesson, and I quickly realized I am more of a hang out in the condo type of girl!
Once we decided to take the trip to Ireland, we quickly had to get our documents in order. As both of our passports had expired, we had to send them in for renewal. I was a little bummed I couldn't keep my passport which has so many memories of the places I have been.

New passports have arrived! We are valid international travelers until 2027.
For Valentine's Day Wyet bought me more supplies to keep our new-found hobby going strong!
Of course, I had to visit my favorite little Valentine on the 14th. He has a huge chunk of my heart!

That's A Wrap

Friday, February 24, 2017

I have never neglected my memory keeping quite as badly as I have with this blog over the past few months! As I look back to my last post (in October!), I am stunned with how much has happened and all of the memories that I need to record. Undoubtedly, there will be things left out and many simple moments I have already forgotten.

To help myself remember as much as possible about these last few months, I am relying on my camera reel which thankfully is always full. Here is a wrap-up post to that amazing last quarter of 2016.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love the ambiance of October and the playfulness in dressing up. Wyet and I hosted a get-together with some close friends to celebrate. It just goes to show that you are never too old to have fun.

Kevin clearly had the most comfortable costume of the party!
Jarrod and Shay
Whit and Alex
Have you ever seen a more authentic get-up? I loved that Wyet chose to dress up as Jareth the Golbin King from one of our favorite movies The Labyrinth!

My costume was less involved than Wyet's, but I had a great time dressing up as my favorite character Velma from Scooby Doo!
Perhaps the best family photo we have ever taken.
Not only did we dress up for the party, but we even dressed up again the following Monday for the trick-or-treaters! We finally live in a neighbor that celebrates the holiday, and we loved every visit.

I actually began writing a post back in December about the many things I am thankful for. To be honest, it all comes back to one central point: the people in my life. I may not have dozens of friends that I see regularly, but I know that the friends I do have aren't going anywhere. The people in my life are staples that have been there all along and will continue to be forever.

The incredible family that I was both born and married in to couldn't be better. We aren't perfect. We are real, and for that alone, I am blessed beyond measure.

The Chef who handled Thanksgiving like a professional!

My parents {and a great selfie happening in the background}

Good food, great people, amazing holiday!
The mama's as we get ready to Yahtzee!
We had so much fun playing and laughing together. 

This Christmas was truly magical. It was our first Christmas together in our home, and it felt just like a house should during the holidays: busy and cozy. We really splurged and purchased a Griswold tree {truthfully, it touched the ceiling}, and Wyet had to get a ladder to finish putting the lights on.

As always, we saw A Christmas Carol with my family and then went to dinner. Hendryx captured everyone's attention with his silly sense of humor and contagious laugh. JC, Alexsis, Hendryx and I went to the "North Pole" where we learned that Santa Claus is still terrifying, but hot chocolate on a cold night can make it all better.

We spent countless nights at home enjoying nothing but the glow of the tree and choo of the train that was given to us by Wyet's dad. We went light on the gift-giving and huge on the love. It was a perfect way to end a very blessed year.

Opening Christmas Eve gifts!
Wyet gives the best presents! I was so surprised by these handmade easels he built! This was the perfect gift as our newest hobby goal has been to learn to oil paint.

The happiest Bob Ross student ever!
As always, we went up to my parents for Christmas Day brunch.

The best Christmas morning picture: messy hair, wrinkled pajamas and perhaps the happiest {most spoiled} doggies who ever lived.

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