Oh Autumn

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I always feel a bit of relief when summer comes to and end. Not that I don't fully enjoy the summer months, but there is a sort of pressure that is associated with it. I always feel the need to take full advantage of the sunny days {have an immaculate garden, get a tan, do as much as possible}, and with the first breath of autumn, that all fades away.

Maybe that is one of the main reasons that autumn is my favorite time of year. In the fall, it's fine to spend an entire weekend inside your house tinkering around {maybe in your sweatpants all day}, without the guilt that you should be out doing something.

To commemorate the busy days of summer turning in to the lazy days of fall, we went on one final hike to our favorite spot. Unlike our summertime adventures, this one felt particularly un-rushed and serene. Maybe it was the cooler air and the changing colors, or maybe it was the fact the we took a nap in the leaves. Regardless, it was the perfect way to end a fun-filled season and to enjoy the start of a more mellow one.

Salt Creek Trail 

The babies enjoying all the smells!
& #dogdad!
We made it back to our very special spot.
Because I will never get tired of cheesy kissing pictures!
Carving a tally mark in to our tree - something we plan on doing every year.

Truthfully - we napped here for quite some time!
Our view

Until next year!

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