Something About Summer

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Despite the fact that there are the same number of hours in a day year-round, certain months seem to pass in double-time. There is something about summer that makes it feel like it is rushing by. It could be the fact that there are countless celebrations for my family in these few, sunny months {birthdays, anniversaries plus all of the regular holidays}. Between June and August, I feel like I hardly have a chance to catch my breath.

Regardless, there are far worse things than being so busy celebrating life's events and milestones with those I love the most. Here is a brief recap of those special, busy moments; moments that I hope to relive year after year.

Father's Day 
This year, we spent Father's Day at home honoring the best dog dad around, and then spent the evening with Rhet having a barbecue {unfortunately, my dad was stuck working in Washington}. Sometimes, the best celebrations are the casual ones spent lounging on the patio. Not every event needs to be overdone. It's all about having the right company.

Wyet and his dad
Three generations :]
Fourth of July
This fourth of July was extra special because it was the first holiday we spent in our new home. We had moved in just one week prior, and even though we were not completely settled, we still wanted to have everyone over to celebrate. We spent the afternoon finally planting all of our seedlings {only a few months too late} and the evening grilling burgers and playing yard games. As it turns out, our new home is in an ideal location for the local fireworks. We spent the after-dark hours in the driveway watching the show and lighting a few of our own.

Feeling exhausted and grateful to be in our home
Wyet and his mom

The twix! Jerrod being his usual, laid back self. Cameron, as always, trying to act cool ;]
I love being so close to my family and being able to spend time with them.


Just a few of the most important people in my life.
Wyet's 28th Birthday
Just a few days after the 4th, it was time to celebrate again. Wyet spent the day with his aunt and uncle golfing at Top Golf, and when he got home, the party continued. We opened a few gifts, drank a few cocktails and had an easy night in with some Chinese takeout {which we conveniently walked down the road to pickup}. I love being able to share year after year with this amazing guy. He truly is a rare breed, and I am beyond blessed to share my life with him. 

Opening his gift! A fire-pit for the backyard.

Patye stopped in to bring Wyet a gift at just the right time.

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