Twenty Seven

Sunday, July 24, 2016

As usual, I spent the entire month of June as an excuse to celebrate my birthday. I had some much needed girl time with my mom and girlfriends at the Parade of Homes, spent a quiet weekend up the canyon with my boys and ended the month with an artistic event with Patye. I am continually awed that so many people make such an effort on my behalf. To all my amazing family and friends, just know that your love and support doesn't go unnoticed. This life is amazing because of you.

As a reminder to my future self, here are 27 facts about life in this moment:
  1. Reading is my favorite past time
  2. But taking naps comes in an awfully close second
  3. Sadly, I have been so busy lately, I haven't picked up a book in nearly three weeks (must change that immediately) 
  4. Barnes and Noble is still my favorite store
  5. Though most of my transactions take place at home improvement stores {Home Depot is frequented by me more than any other 27 year old girl I know}
  6. Currently preferring white wine to all other beverages {Birdman Pinot Grigio}
  7. & nachos as my snack of choice 
  8. I binge watch TV series on Hulu and Netflix {The Mindy Project + Grace and Frankie are my current faves} 
  9. But my all time favorites are still The Golden Girls and Frasier 
  10. I am obsessed with my fur babies - I treat them like humans
  11. I love taking them on walks around our new neighborhood
  12. I am officially a home owner! We just built our very first home
  13.  I find interior decorating extremely satisfying, and I feel like I have knack for it {thanks mom}
  14. I think that my nephew is the most amusing child I have ever met {I may be biased}
  15. Spending time with him can instantly make me happier
  16. I like giving gifts better than receiving them
  17. Even though I know people's intentions are good, I really don't like it when people ask me when I am going to start having kids.
  18. Regardless, I do want babies. Just not today.
  19.  I'm pleased to say I just got a promotion 
  20. I owe my strong work ethic to my parents
  21. I get annoyed when people don't use their blinkers
  22. & outraged when they text and drive {you know who you are - stop it!}
  23. Wyet and I spend Friday nights dancing in the kitchen
  24. And Sunday mornings talking for hours over a pot of coffee
  25.  I've learned that having a few true people in my life is better than having an army of fake ones.
  26. I hope I never lose sight of how good life is right now
  27. My five year plan is to be doing exactly what I'm doing right now and loving every second of it - but maybe with an extra sidekick in the picture.

Camping up Pole Canyon on my birthday weekend with all of my favorite boys.

Birthday presents from Wyet always come wrapped like this.
I love him dearly
A good life is spent in the great outdoors - accompanied by dogs, a good book and a pair of Chuck Taylor's.

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